The Strongest Man I Know

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The Most Impactful Book You'll Read To Your Children This Season.

Who's the strongest man your children know? Whether we desire it or not, children look to the example of their fathers. The Strongest Man I Know is a story about Luke, a boy whose identity was lost in his father's display of physical weakness, and about a grandfather, whose wisdom can aid all men in setting our uncertain identities on a firm foundation.

The Strongest Man I Know is a children's book specifically for fathers. It's a book every man can both be reading and modeling to the little ones in their life: children, nieces, nephews, god-children, or grandchildren. This book makes a great gift for all the fathers you know. 

Quality Cover to Cover: No expense has been spared in the creation of this gift. The story is powerful, the art is beautiful, and it is all housed within a scuff resistant hard cover and printed right here in North America. 

Written by: Nathaniel Binversie, Exodus Director of Mission

Just Released: 2021


"'I learned it from watching you,' how true this statement is.  Our children are learning from us.  This powerfully written and illustrated book will bring strength to our children and conviction to their fathers- a perfect blend! ...

... We need to raise up a generation of young men who find their true strength and identity in Christ, the ultimate man.  This book is not just a children's book, it is a book for all who desire to be saints!" 

Rev. Jonathan Meyer (Pastor at All Saints Parish, Guilford, IN) 


"I recommend dads reading this to their young sons because it starts a conversation about what's important. ... it made me want to be the man of prayer for my son and I got emotional when I realized who the man of prayer was in this book." 

"I read the book to the team of missionaries on our campus. They were blown away by the depth of the message and encouraged that something like this was being published."  

Michael Lynch (Father of 4, Greeley, CO.)