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St. Michael Leather Journal Cover

St. Michael Leather Journal Cover

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These journal covers are made with Full Grain Traditional Harness Leather. Full Grain leather is the strongest, but also presents unique characteristics that will make every journal cover slightly different. You might be lucky to see scars, brands, or other “imperfections” that are only visible on full-grain leathers. The leather comes from an American Tannery called “Wickett & Craig” in Pennsylvania. Designed to accommodate a 5" x 8" field book, this premium leather journal cover combines beautiful artistry with practical functionality making it the perfect companion for the adoration chapel or the job site. 

The St. Michael Artwork is pressed into the leather by hand with a brass stamp and leaves a permanent textured impression of the artwork.

Handcrafted by Austin Casselberry, an Exodus man in Norfolk, Nebraska. Check out his shop here

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